Rain chains

How do you transform an ordinary, functional object into a work of art? Let us introduce the Japanese rain chain – an object that can turn your rain gutters into a water sculpture.

Rain chains, although gaining great popularity in recent years, are not a new invention. Originating in Japan, they have been used for centuries as a method of collecting and channelling away water. They are both a decorative and a functional element. In contrast to traditional downpipes, which cause dislocation and washing away of the soil, the rain chain, through its design, reduces the negative impact on the ground. For additional protection, we can place a traditional copper bowl or fixed stones at the base.

The rain chain is a decorative alternative to traditional metal or plastic downpipes. It consists of a series of small receptacles placed along a chain. It can be simply and easily installed into existing guttering systems. It hangs vertically from within the roof gutter at the outlet.

Rain chains made of solid pure copper can be a decorative addition to your home. The shape of the little receptacles is an opportunity for artistic expression. They constitute a beautiful decorative element, and the waterfall they create is pleasing to the eyes and to the ears.

The chains vary in length from 2.2m to 2.6m, but can be shortened or extended to the required length by adding or removing elements.


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