Installation of rain chains

Rain chains are designed so as to enable their easy installation to existing gutters secured to the eaves. First we remove the downpipe. To do this we undo the clamping rings and remove the pipe elbow with the downpipe from the outlet. Then we place into the outlet from above the copper chain with cups. Care should be taken that the gutter and outlet are supported symmetrically on both sides with hooks.  The chains weigh up to 3.2kg, this weight increasing with rain – proper installation will protect our guttering system against breakage or deformation. The chain should be set vertically and drawn taut – but not under tension – before fixing to the ground.

Chains LR 30, LR 31, LR 33 and LR 35 are installed similarly, though due to their light weight a V-shaped brass flat bar is installed in the outlet, between its arms.


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